RIBO CE Courses by PNC Learning

Do you want to verify that a course is RIBO accredited? You can do a search on the RIBO website under the different credit categories. To find our courses, just type “PNC Learning” into the search bar under “Course Provider”. Here are the links to search for different categories of RIBO CE courses:

Get CE credits and learn valuable skills and information that makes you a better broker with PNC Learning’s online CE courses. In order to receive the courses, you must pass the quiz at the end of each course. There are 10 questions and you need a 60% to pass. Once you have completed the course and passed the exam, a certificate will be emailed to you. You can view and manage these certificates through our online portal or you can download them as PDF and store them on your computer.

List of RIBO Accredited CE Courses by PNC Learning. 18 courses as of November 13th, 2019:

Ethics Courses

  • IC84 Ethics of Selling
  • IC75 Code of Ethics/Conduct

Technical Courses

  • IC81 Drone Legislation and Insurance
  • IC77 Cannabis and Insurance Part 2
  • IC75 Code of Ethics/Conduct
  • IC66 Course of Construction
  • IC53 Terrorist Acts Insurance Overview
  • IC52 Cyber Risk Insurance Overview
  • IC38 Basic Risk Management
  • IC30 Wrap Up Liability
  • IC29 Umbrella Insurance
  • IC26 Specialty/Uncommon Risks
  • IC24 Professional Liability
  • IC18 Insurance to Value
  • IC13 Faulty Powers
  • IC07 CGL and Contracts
  • IC05 Claims Made Liability Forms

Management Courses

  • IC83 Blockchain and Crypto Currency
  • IC82 Fair Customer Treatment
  • IC76 Cannabis

Personal Skills Courses

  • IC64 Art of Underwriting

We’re always adding more RIBO CE courses so this list may not always be up to date – we’re always adding courses. For a catalog of the latest courses, see our online CE course subscription.


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