RIBO 1 Study Guide

In Alberta, you need to pass the Alberta Level 1 exam.  For the rest of Canada, it’s the Fundamentals of Insurance or CAIB 1 exam.  In Ontario, the RIBO 1 exam.  It is the first exam you have to pass in order to get your RIBO Level 1 General Insurance License.

This license enables you to practice insurance in Ontario and get your first insurance job.  After that, the sky is the limit.  This study guide is designed to help you start on the right foot.

Who needs this RIBO 1 Study Guide?

For most students not upgrading from an OTL license, this is the first insurance exam you’ve ever taken and the concepts you’ll be studying could be a little bit complex.

Our RIBO 1 Study Guide contains everything you need to know to ace your exam.  We’ve written a textbook with only 61 easy to read pages so you can licensed quickly and without the hassle of reading through a thick textbook crammed full of cryptic legal-speak.

We break down the complex concepts and teach them in a simple way and provide additional examples to really drive the concepts home.

A set of practice questions are included with your purchase.

Topics covered in this study guide:

  1. Introduction to Insurance
  2. Government & Insurance Industry Regulations
  3. Contract Law & Insurance Contracts
  4. Insurance Process & Industry Participants
  5. Characteristics of Property Insurance Policies
  6. Personal Property Insurance (Habitational Forms)
  7. Additional Property Coverages & Endorsements
  8. Commercial Property Insurance
  9. Additional Commercial Property Coverages & Endorsements
  10. Basics of Legal Liability
  11. Liability Insurance Policies
  12. Accident & Sickness / Travel Insurance
  13. Regulation / Broker Professionalism
  14. Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario Act (RIB Act)
  15. Ontario Regulations 989, 990, 991
  16. Ontario By-laws 1, 2, 20, 21, etc.
  17. Automobile Insurance in Ontario

Track Record

"I took your courses and passed 3 exams in 4 weeks!  I was listening to your lectures repeatedly on mobile and they were so easy to remember. You explain things very well and your notes really distilled all the info in so few pages. Thank you for making my certification process so short and easy." - Rocky G (TSN Insurance) (Courses Taken: Fundamentals, CAIB 2, CAIB 3, & CAIB 4)"Hi Jack, I just got the result: 86%.  Thank you so much Jack!  You helped a lot.  Much appreciated."  - Cathy J. Markham Ontario  (Courses Taken: RIBO 1)
The quality of this learning course is unmatched. This course provides everything you need to pass the RIBO test and more. If it wasn't for this course I would not have got the e-mail today saying I am now a verified RIBO member. Not only is this course very user-friendly and easy to use, my mentor, Jack, answered all my questions I had with almost immediate responses even at ridiculous hours. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to get into the insurance broker industry.  -Aaron L, Ontario (Course Taken: RIBO 1)"The course is set up well and easy to follow and  understand.  And I'm grateful that you're always available for help if needed.    There weren't any surprises, your course covered everything I would have needed to know.  You were such a great help over the course and I have you to thank for passing."   - Derek L  (Course Taken: RIBO 1)

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