OTL Practice Questions (Other Than Life)

In Ontario, if you want to become an insurance agent, you need to study for and pass the Other Than Life – OTL exam.  These OTL practice questions are meant to help with exactly that.  Insurance brokers need to take the RIBO.

The exam is 100 multiple choice questions to be completed over 2 hours with the majority of questions focused on personal lines topics (ie. homeowners or auto insurance policies).  You need a 75% to pass.

The breakdown of topics are roughly as follows:

  • Industry Knowledge (30%): this section covers things like ethics/professionalism, risk management, claims handling, insurance contracts, and the laws governing insurance (Insurance Act).
  • Habitational Insurance (32%): this section covers the different habitational insurance policies, endorsements, liability insurance, etc.
  • Commercial Insurance (5%): this section is small and covers commercial property and liability insurance (CGL).
  • Automobile Insurance (33%): this section covers auto insurance policies, endorsements, and conditions.

In my experience, the main challenge for students is the way the questions are worded on the exam.  Generally speaking, they will use 3 main tricks to try to confuse you:

  1. They will try to include details that seem relevant but aren’t.  For example, they might include details about the length of a non-owned watercraft.
  2. They will use double negatives like “not excluded” (which means covered).
  3. 2 of the 4 multiple choice options will be pretty clearly wrong but the other 2 may be partially correct so it’s your job to pick the “best” answer.

So even though you know the material, you need to make sure you can apply it in an exam context and deal with the way they ask questions on the exam.  Plenty of students know the material well, but fall short on the exam for this reason.

The only way to get good at this is to practice as much as you can.

Who needs these OTL Practice Questions?

We provide ~1000 OTL Practice Exam Questions geared towards getting you ready for the real exam by getting you used to the types of questions they’re going to ask and the tricks they’re going to use.

These practice questions are designed to help you evaluate your weaknesses and prepare for the exam.

Track Record

"I have passed the General Insurance Level 1 exam.  I would like to thank Jack for his help.  He was always there to help when I had questions.  The study handouts were very useful.  English is my second language.  With useful handouts and Jack's help I only took 3 days to study."  - Judy Z Edmonton AB  (Courses Taken: Alberta Level 1)"I passed Level 1 with 89%.  I'll be doing my Level 2 soon but will only have a week to study.  Do you have a course or notes for Level 2?"  - Maha H Calgary, AB  (Courses Taken: Alberta Level 1)
"Before PNCL I had tried the exam multiple times, spent a lot of money on other courses and was quite frustrated.  Thank you Jack for making your General insurance program detailed, structured and easy to absorb.  The practice questions helped a lot! Really appreciate it man!"  - Stephen W, Alberta (Course Taken: Alberta General Level 1)I passed my [Alberta] Level 1 test last week and am super excited about it. I start my new job in the new year. I honestly would not have done as well as I did without PNC Learning. When I go to write my Level 2 exam, I will be sure to use your program again. Ill also recommend it to anyone who needs a resource to help them study. - Jared P, Alberta (Course Taken: Alberta Level 1)

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