Online RIBO Courses (Insurance Exam Preparation)

People who are short on time, work busy schedules, or prefer self-paced learning in the comfort of their own homes like to take online RIBO courses. But, the challenge is that many of them don’t offer the same support as RIBO immersion courses.

To solve this issue and to ensure the success of all students, all of PNC Learning’s online insurance exam preparation courses come with access to a course tutor to support you during your studies by phone, live chat, or email whenever you have questions.

What is RIBO?

These are the courses you’ll need to take if you want to become an insurance broker in Ontario. With a RIBO license, you’ll be able to act as an insurance broker working/owning a brokerage representing multiple insurance companies and be able to offer their products to your clients.

As a RIBO insurance broker, you can sell all types of general insurance including:

  • Home Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

General insurance is also often called property and casualty insurance because you are insuring your client’s property (ie. their car) and also their liability (ie. if they hit someone with their car).

Online RIBO 1 Course

The RIBO 1 course comes with simplified study materials, online lectures, practice questions, and a dedicated course tutor to ensure you pass the RIBO 1 exam in just 3-4 weeks.

Other RIBO Courses

Once you’ve gotten your RIBO 1 license, you’ll want to get some work experience. But at some point, you’ll also need to upgrade your license if you want to move up in the industry and that means taking the RIBO 2 and RIBO 3 courses.

The RIBO Unrestricted Technical license (aka. RIBO 2) is used to give you more freedom and allow you to work with less supervision than a RIBO Level 1 broker might be subject to.

The RIBO Unrestricted Management license (aka RIBO 3) is used if you want to own or manage your own insurance brokerage as a Principal Broker.

Regardless of what your goals are or which level of license you want to achieve, we have online RIBO courses available to help you achieve you jump start your insurance career.

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