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In many provinces, the CAIB exams are used for insurance licensing and if you complete all 4 CAIB courses, you will earn a CAIB Designation. But the old way of preparing for these exams involves going through a big, dry textbook full of jargon and confusing concepts. And if you get stuck, you have nobody to ask for help. PNC Learning’s online CAIB exam prep course fixes all of these issues.

Each CAIB course is broken down into easily digestible modules and chapters with chapter quizzes, midterms and mock final exams to help you evaluate your knowledge as you progress. A simplified textbook and glossary of key terms help you dramatically cut down your study time by only focusing on the most important concepts communicated in a clear and simple way. If you get stuck, we have course tutors available through email, live chat, and phone to answer your questions anytime.

CAIB Course Enrollment Benefits

You get a lot more with each enrollment and you can read about it on the course page. But to summarize, each enrollment includes:

  • Instant access & all material is available online 24/7 so log in anytime to study at your own pace
  • Simplified study materials and lectures to help you cut down on study time
  • Instructor support whenever you have questions
  • Chapter quizzes and mock midterms & finals to help you evaluate your progress
  • At least 8 months access
  • and most importantly… a pass guarantee.

You can track your progress on our website and do and redo the material (including practice questions) as many times as you need. Some are even computer generated so they’ll be different every time!

You will have access for 8 months but with all of these resources behind you, you will be ready to write your exam in just 3-4 weeks time.


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