LLQP Study Materials

If you want to become a life insurance agent in Canada, you first have to pass the LLQP exam. To help ensure you are successful on the first attempt, PNC Learning offers a variety of LLQP study materials to choose from.

About Our LLQP Instructor

To help extend the success our students have had with our general insurance courses, we have brought on Adam (Aizad) Ahmed to create our LLQP study materials and help our students.

About Adam Ahmed

Earning his MBA in the UK, Adam holds many professional designations in finance to include: CSC, IFIC, LLQP, PFP, CPH, Real Estate and more.  Starting his career working for large financial institutions like Sun Life, Adam followed his passion for education and moved on to teach life insurance and other financial certifications at various colleges in Ontario.

Now at PNC Learning, Adam helps us with our instructional design and LLQP training.

LLQP Exam Prep Course

The main way we help our students prepare for the LLQP exam is through our LLQP exam prep course. The prep course follows the same winning formula we’ve created for our P&C insurance courses:

  • Simple Language
  • Dedicated Course Tutor
  • Guaranteed Pass

Each course comes with 4 main components:

  • Study Notes
  • Lectures
  • Practice Questions
  • Access To A Course Tutor

LLQP Practice Questions

Sometimes, you just want some more questions to practice with. In that case, signing up for our full course maybe isn’t worth it for you.

In response to this frequent request, we’ve put together a set of LLQP practice questions to students can purchase separately if they’re just looking for more practice to prepare for the exam.

You can purchase practice questions for all 4 modules at a discount or each module separately depending on what you need.

LLQP Classes

For some students, online self-study may not be the right fit for their learning style. For these students, they prefer to work with a live instructor to ask questions and interact with. To help those students, we have made our LLQP instructor, Adam, available for longer LLQP immersion classes.

Our LLQP classes include free access to our LLQP exam prep course and is structured depending on what you need based on an initial assessment with Adam.

LLQP Tutoring

Maybe you’ve written the exam once and unfortunately failed one of the modules. In that case, you might just need a few hours of tutoring to help with a few things.

Our goal is to always create flexible solutions for our students so Adam is also available for one-off tutoring sessions billed at an hourly rate. During this time, he can help with whatever you need, answer questions, etc.

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