LLQP Study Guide PDF

With our online courses, many students have asked for an LLQP study guide PDF that they can print out and take away with them. We have heard you and added PDF study guides to each one of our LLQP courses.

How To Use The LLQP Study Guide PDF

As with our general insurance courses, we provide PDF’s that students can download and print out. In fact, despite being an online course, we recommend that students download and print out the notes. Here’s how you should use it.

Step 1) Download & Print Out The Notes

You can find the notes in the Downloads section of the course. Just click the download button and print it out. If you need help downloading the PDF, take a look at the helpful How To Video in the introduction section of the course.

Step 2) Follow Along As You Listen/Watch The Lectures

As you listen to the lectures, follow along with the printed notes and make your own notes on top. We recommend you add context, highlight important sections, etc. Doing this encourages active listening and forces you to process the information as you listen instead of just listening passively.

Active listening and learning is VERY important to prepare you efficiently for the LLQP exam.

Step 3) Review The LLQP Study Guide That You’ve Created

As you approach your exam date, I would recommend dedicating most of your study time to practice questions and to reviewing the customized note package that you’ve created for yourself.

One thing I like to do is to completely rewrite the note package incorporating our materials AND yours to make a customized LLQP study guide. Writing it out by hand is a great way to practice and make sure you remember everything.

The customized note package should be your primary study tool leading up to your LLQP exam but you can also listen to the lectures while doing chores, commuting, exercising, etc. to get some additional study time in.

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