LLQP Alberta Practice Exam for Life Insurance Agents

Because the life insurance exams are open book, the most important thing besides knowing the concepts is to know how to read and answer the questions on the exam. That means most people should spend a lot of their study time to do practice questions. To help with that, we’ve created an LLQP Alberta practice exam bank.

Why You Need More Practice Questions

Most LLQP courses do a great job teaching you what you need to know to pass the exam. And with the exam being open book, knowing the material alone is the easy part. That said, most courses do not provide enough practice questions for you.

Because the exam is open book, the hardest part is to be ready for the exam questions which most courses don’t do a good job preparing you for which is where PNC Learning comes in.

LLQP Alberta Practice Exam Bank

Whether you just need some help passing the exam or you want to make 100% sure you pass on the first try, we can help. Our practice question bank is built specifically to help students get the practice they need to be successful.

The practice exam bank contains 4 modules, 1 for each LLQP exam:

  • Life Insurance Practice Exam
  • Accident & Sickness Insurance Practice Exam
  • Segregated Funds & Annuities Practice Exam
  • Ethics & Professionalism Practice Exam

Each module contains hundreds of practice questions that are chosen randomly to make up each practice exam. That means that you will see a new exam almost every single time you try to study so things never get stale or boring.

Each time you generate a practice exam, it will pull 50 questions randomly from a bank of hundreds of questions for each module. The only difference is the Ethics exam which only contains 30 questions.

To help you track your progress and get the exam feeling, you need a 60% to pass each exam.

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