Level 1 Insurance Licensing

PNC Learning provides Level 1 Insurance Licensing programs for all provinces.

PNC Learning General & Adjusters Level 1 Insurance Licensing Program






Our courses contain everything you need to be successful on your Level 1 exam:

  • Condensed Level 1 Insurance Licensing Textbooks
  • Details Online Lectures
  • Tons of Practice Questions
  • Help from a Licensed Course Tutor

Choose your provincial licensing program

Alberta General Insurance Level 1 Exam PrepAlberta Adjusters License Level 1 Exam Prep
RIBO Exam Prep (Ontario)OTL Exam Prep (Ontario)
General Insurance Exam Prep
BC | SK | MB | Atlantic
Adjuster Exam Prep
BC | SK | MB
All courses are $199 (taxes included)

Level 1 Insurance Licensing Online Course

The 13 chapter Level 1 online course combines written materials, online lectures, practice questions, and help from a real licensed course instructor teaches you everything you need to know to pass the exam. Read through the simplified textbook, make notes as you go through the videos (pause and rewind as you need), do the practice questions and mock exams, ask for help when needed and you’ll be successful – guaranteed!

Pass Guarantee

We are proud of our materials and stand by what we create. If you do not pass the exam, come back and study for free until you do. We will offer you whatever additional support you need.

Level 1 Licensing Textbook

The downloadable textbook teaches you exactly what you need to know in under 100 pages (some are even under 50 pages long)! Use it to easily follow along with your video course while making your own notes and annotations along the side.

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