Insurance Course Ontario

PNC Learning offers a variety of accredited and licensing insurance courses for Ontario. This “Insurance Course Ontario” category page serves as a catalog of these courses to help you find the one that you need.

RIBO 1 (Entry Level Insurance Course Ontario)

The RIBO 1 course is the starter course for all people trying to get an insurance brokers license from the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). Studying this course and completing the RIBO 1 exam will qualify you to become a general insurance broker selling home, auto, and all types of commercial insurance.

Other Than Life (OTL)

The OTL course is the starter course for all people trying to get an insurance agents license in Ontario. If you want to work for an insurance company, you need to get an agent license. If you want to work for a brokerage and represent/sell products from many insurers, you would get the RIBO (see above).

RIBO Unrestricted Technical (RIBO 2)

After getting your Level 1 license, many brokers will want to get their Level 2 in order to get a promotion or make more money. This course helps prepare you for the RIBO Unrestricted Technical exam.

RIBO Unrestricted Management (RIBO 3)

If you want to run or manage your own brokerage, you’ll need a Level 3 license which is what this course helps prepare you for. This course covers brokerage management, regulations, and all the basic knowledge required to run a successful insurance brokerage.

CAIB Designation

The CAIB Designation is a nationally recognized professional designation for insurance brokers. Being able to put CAIB behind your name is a signal to employers, clients, and other brokers that you are experienced and knowledgeable. You earn the CAIB certificate by passing all 4 CAIB exams.

RIBO Continuing Education Insurance Courses Ontario

Once you have your RIBO license, you need to complete a certain number of CE credits per year to maintain your license and increase your knowledge as a broker. PNC Learning provides over 25+ RIBO accredited continuing education courses online on a $10/month subscription basis to help you meet this requirement.

Our CE courses focus on teaching brokers the latest in insurance developments from how to insure cannabis risks, to blockchain/cryptocurrencies, to cross border insurance transactions.

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