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In BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Atlantic provinces, the Fundamentals of Insurance exam is the exam most people take to get their Level 1 Insurance Brokers License.  Alberta and Ontario (RIBO) students also use Fundamentals of Insurance but with a twist.

But if you are struggling with the complex insurance concepts or don’t want to go through the HUGE textbook on your own but can’t afford to take 1 week off work and spend $1000 for a Fundamentals of Insurance class, we can help.

Our 10-12 hour long course cuts through the fluff and teaches students exactly what they need to pass their Fundamentals of Insurance exams with minimal pain and time commitment. Successful graduates  should be ready to take their exam the following week with confidence.

Class enrollments come with an 8 month subscription to our online program complete with our textbook, video lectures and practice questions.


The course covers the insurance business, insurance documents and processes, the role of different intermediaries, personal and commercial property policies, basic legal principles, liability policies, automobile insurance, travel insurance, and accident & sickness insurance.


Jacques has worked in education since 2009 and has been in the insurance industry since 2013.  In 2015, he won an Insurance Council award for academic excellence after scoring 97% in his CAIB* 3 exam (the highest mark in the province that year).  He brings his educational background and ability to simplify complex ideas to students through these online courses.

Outside of his day job as a insurance broker, he lends his industry expertise to readers by writing for Insuranceopedia (a Canadian insurance publication based in Alberta) and Trusted Union.

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CAIB 1 Classes are also available for returning brokers trying to get their CAIB Designation or for ambitious new brokers.

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