CAIB 1 Study Guide

In all Canadian provinces aside from Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec, the CAIB 1 exam is used to pre-qualify people for the Level 1 insurance brokers license.  This license enables you to practice insurance in your home province and get your first insurance job at a brokerage or insurance company.

On top of that, CAIB 1 is one of four exams you need to pass in order to get your CAIB Designation –  a professional designation that shows a broker has completed a certain level of education.  It’s a sign that you’re knowledgeable about insurance concepts and something employers look for.

Who needs this CAIB 1 Study Guide?

Whether you’re a broker looking for a career upgrade or brand new to the industry looking for a career change, this exam is important.  But not everyone has the time to sit down and pore through a large textbook so this study guide was designed with that in mind.

Our CAIB 1 Study Guide contains everything you need to know to ace your exam.  We’ve written a textbook with only 68 easy to read pages so you can get licensed quickly and without the hassle of reading through a thick textbook crammed full of cryptic legal-speak.

A set of practice questions are also included with your purchase.  But it works even better if purchased as part of the full online program.

Topics covered in this study guide:

  1. Introduction to Insurance
  2. Property Insurance
  3. Liability Insurance
  4. Farm Insurance
  5. Accident & Sickness / Travel Insurance
  6. Broker Regulations & Professionalism
  7. Automobile Insurance

Track Record

"I took your courses and passed 3 exams in 4 weeks!  I was listening to your lectures repeatedly on mobile and they were so easy to remember. You explain things very well and your notes really distilled all the info in so few pages. Thank you for making my certification process so short and easy." - Rocky G (TSN Insurance) (Courses Taken: Fundamentals, CAIB 2, CAIB 3, & CAIB 4)"I passed CAIB 1 with 76% Jack.  Thanks for all your help!"  - Gavina B. Thornhill ON  (Courses Taken: CAIB 1, 2, 3 & 4)
"I just passed my Fundamentals exam thanks to the program.  Literally went through it once and did 2 practice exams.  Studies for about only 12 hours with your program!"  - Rajan H  (Courses Taken: Fundamentals, CAIB 2 & 3)"Your notes were articulate, to the point and helped immensely to clear the first CAIB exam.  One day of focused and dedicated study was enough.  Jack - even on a Sunday was online to help out!!  So happy to have a mentor like him."  - Sanjay G, Surrey BC  (Courses Taken: CAIB 1, 2 & 3)

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CAIB 2 Notes and CAIB 3 Notes are also available.  You will need CAIB 2 & 3 if you want to get your Level 2 insurance brokers license.

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