Alberta Level 1 General Insurance Licensing Exam Preparation Course

PNC Learning’s Alberta Level 1 General Insurance licensing has everything you need in one course to help you pass the Alberta Level 1 General Insurance licensing exam in just weeks.

What’s Included In The Alberta Level 1 General Insurance Licensing Exam Prep Course:

  • Downloadable Alberta Level 1 General Insurance Textbook (60 pages) – 14 Chapters
  • Online Lectures – 14 Chapters
  • Glossary of Key Terms – 90 Terms
  • ~1000 Practice Exam Questions
  • Personal Course Tutor
  • Instant 24/7 Access From Any Device
  • 8 Month Access Duration
  • Career Advice & Job Placement Assistance
  • PNC Learning Certification Exam – GLQP
  • Guaranteed Pass


Alberta Insurance Council GLQP Program

Under the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC)’s new GLQP Program, all Alberta General Level 1 students need to be certified by an approved course provider before they can register for and write the Alberta Level 1 Licensing Exam.

For PNC Learning to certify you, you need to reach 100% completion in the course and pass a final certification exam. Once you complete these requirements, we will certify you to write the Alberta Licensing Exam with the AIC.

How To Use The Alberta L1 Exam Preparation Package

The textbook forms the foundation of your exam preparation so the first step is to print out the textbook and follow along as you go through the lecture videos. The lecture videos will go into more detail about the concepts you need to learn and provide helpful examples using real life scenarios. Make sure you take the time to understand the material being taught, digest it in your own words, and make notes on the textbook as you go along.

After each chapter, make sure you do the chapter quizzes to help you identify areas that you might need to work on. You can repeat the quizzes and exams as many times as you want. Make sure you go back to review those concepts and make sure you understand what you got wrong before moving on. Otherwise, you might have trouble understanding things later.

There are ~1000 questions for you to practice with. Once you feel like you have a strong grasp of the concepts and are doing well enough, you can try to take the final certification exam. You’ll be eligible to write the AIC L1 licensing exam once you pass.


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