Alberta Insurance Adjusters Course

An insurance adjuster is someone who takes charge after a loss occurs. Their job is to evaluate the loss to see if it is insured and how much to pay. They can be employees of the insurance company, contractors, or independent business owners. But to become an adjuster, you must first take an insurance adjusters course and get licensed.

Being an insurance adjuster can be a lucrative career. If you like to work hands on and don’t like sitting in an office, you can be a field adjuster going directly to the place of loss to investigate. If you like the stability of a 9-5, you can work in the office on the phones at claims departments. But if you are ambitious, you can even come out and open up your own independent adjusting shop.

The process to becoming an insurance adjuster is the same in each province: study the appropriate insurance adjusters course, pass the exam, and then you can start looking for work at an insurance company or with an independent adjusting firm. In this guide, we’ll be focusing specifically on the process for Alberta but it’s the same for nearly every province.

Becoming An Insurance Adjuster in Alberta

Step 1) Study the Alberta Insurance Adjusters Course

PNC Learning provides an Alberta level 1 insurance adjuster course. This course contains everything you need to know, a pass guarantee, and help from a dedicated course tutor.

Step 2) Pass the Insurance Adjusters Exam

The next step is to pass the Alberta level 1 insurance adjuster exam administered for the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC).

Step 3) Get a job

After you’ve passed the exam, you’ve met the educational requirements. Next is to look for work in the claims department or with an independent adjusting firm.

Job boards or a quick Google search should turn up many results but if you need help, you can always contact us for advice or a referral.

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