May 29, 2023

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Acquiring an Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) Level 2 License is a significant milestone for individuals seeking to excel in the insurance industry. Aspiring insurance professionals must navigate the exam registration process to obtain this esteemed license. This article serves as a comprehensive guide, providing essential information on Alberta Level 2 exam registration for the Level 2 General Agent License in Alberta.

Exam Process

To acquire the Alberta Level 2 General Insurance Agent License, candidates must pass the General Level 2 exam administered by the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC). This exam evaluates an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the insurance industry, including principles, regulations, and ethical considerations.

The general Level 2 Exam consists of 100 questions. Technical Skills & Risk Management encompass 60 questions, while Ethics & Professionalism and Industry Knowledge topics comprise 40 questions (20 questions for each type). To be successful, you’ll need a minimum of 70% on the exam to pass and obtain your license.

Exam Prep

Study Materials: candidates should acquire the recommended study materials, which can be found at PNC Learning. Our Level 2 course includes a condensed textbook, learning resources, practice exams, and study guides that cover the required knowledge areas for the exam.

Exam Content: Familiarize yourself with the exam content by reviewing the lectures and practice questions. Understanding the content breakdown allows candidates to allocate study time accordingly and focus on areas that require more attention.

Practice and Review: Utilize our practice exams and questions to assess your knowledge and identify improvement areas. The more you get the reps, the more confident and ready you’ll be for the exam day.

Examination Dates and Registration

The AIC offers examinations throughout the year at various locations in Alberta. Exams are available online or in person; if you plan to take them in person, you’ll need to arrive 15 minutes before check-in. Detailed information about examination dates, locations, and registration deadlines can be found on the AIC’s official website.

It is advisable to plan and select an exam date that allows sufficient time for preparation. Registration can be completed online, and candidates must provide accurate personal information and pay the examination fee. You can register up to 30 days in advance whenever you’re ready.

If you require special accommodations, send AIC an email before registration. You will need to provide a signed medical note accompanying your request.

Steps to Registration

With your CIPR account, proceed with your Alberta insurance exam registration. Go to the AIC website, and log into the Portal using your CIPR number (or email) and password. The steps will be the same as when you applied for your Level 1 exam. If you can’t log in right away, you may need to wait a few hours for it to update on the AIC’s system.

Once inside the Portal, click “Exams” on the navigation bar on the left-hand side. Then, click “Register for an Exam” and follow the steps shown here to choose your date/time and complete your exam registration. You will use this same process to register for all future exams with the Alberta Insurance Council.

Alberta Level 2 Exam Registration Summary

Obtaining an Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) Level 2 License is a significant accomplishment for individuals aspiring to excel in the insurance industry. By successfully passing the General Level 2 exam, candidates demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of insurance principles, regulations, and ethics. Make sure you have adequate prep by going through our Level 2 Materials and checking out our exam tips in the course.

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