January 14, 2023

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Many jobs will only require an interview. Some others take it further, and more interviews might be required, with different tests and games. Assessment tests tend to show up in some of the latest stages of the employment process.

One would think a few interviews would be enough, but the truth is assessment tests take things further.

Indeed, everything begins the classic way. Applicants send their CVs and go through some interviews. Sometimes, assessment tests kick in straight away after the first interview. Other times, there will be a round of elimination interviews before moving on to these tests.

Here is how they help companies pick the perfect candidates.

More productivity

Not every assessment test is great, but a well developed and validated test can ensure the company gets the most productive employee out there. Different industries require different tests to determine employee productivity and potential.

From skills and knowledge to abilities and other strengths, assessment tests tend to put out the best candidate for a job. Results are correlated with the business requirements to ensure a good return on investment for the business.

Lower turnover costs

Assessment tests aim to reduce employee turnover costs too. This is more effective in small businesses, of course. A large corporation with hundreds or even thousands of employees will still face a high turnover, but assessment tests can reduce it. The best example of this are Amazon assessment tests that help the recruiters determine who are the best candidates.

How does it work, then? Choosing the right candidate means there will be less training required, whether it comes to people who already have some experience or perhaps the skills required to thrive in the respective company. In other words, hiring costs and training resources are dramatically reduced.

Replacing employee costs. Recruiting the right employees with a high level of productivity and a bit of knowledge will reduce costs.

Extra defensibility

Assessment tests can and will improve the business outcome. They add to the legal defensibility of the company, as well as the equitability. All these things help with legal compliance in the selection process.

Tests must normally follow some guidelines to ensure there is no discrimination whatsoever. They help business owners by increasing their legal exposure. In other words, an assessment test can defend the recruitment process in case of any legal challenges.

Furthermore, job assessment tests have numerous benefits over the company’s credibility on the market. In the long run, such things will boost business growth.

Better employee retention

An employee assessment test is not just aimed at skills and experience. Sure, employers want to see how people behave in certain situations, their reactions, adaptability, teamwork skills and so on. But then, there is much more to these tests.

All in all, a test will point to the right candidate for a particular job profile. The candidate has the skills, professional capabilities and aptitude to get the job done. This means new recruits can adjust to the company’s culture straight away.

From personality and temperament to skills and strengths, these candidates will match like a glove. They will also sustain themselves in their respective position. As a result, the company will no longer need to worry about unsatisfactory performance. Plus, a perfect match will also keep the employee in.

Employee retention will reduce the turnover and the costs associated with the process. It will also help a company gain a better reputation in the market. It will gain more business opportunities, and it will become a good target for job seekers too.

Efficient hiring procedure

A manager knows that a full recruitment procedure will require lots of time, as well as plenty of resources. Time is money, after all. A good job opportunity will draw in hundreds of CVs, meaning applicant flow management will be nearly impossible.

As if all these were not enough, finding the most suitable candidate will make the process even more difficult.

This is when assessment tests kick in. They streamline the process because they segment people based on their skills. There is a mountain of applications, but the test can point out genuine candidates. It’s also worth mentioning that some companies use technology to do hiring for them. It doesn’t end there. Companies can also use technology to train new employees.

Bottom line, it is easy to understand why assessment tests are so popular today. They help companies find the ideal candidate, save money and time. They are just as handy for applicants, as no one really wants to get stuck in a position they might hate later on.

With these thoughts in mind, assessment tests are suitable for both companies and candidates. Even candidates who fail to get the job will benefit from them, as they usually get feedback on how they did and may get some clues about what they should really look for.

Jacques Wong is the CEO and Director of Education at PNC Learning. An award-winning licensed insurance broker with over 15 years of experience in both education and the insurance industry, Jacques is recognized for his expertise and effective communication strategies. He achieved the highest provincial scores on his CAIB* 3 and CAIB* 4 exams and contributes to leading insurance publications. Jacques is dedicated to making insurance knowledge accessible for everyone through his unique approach and online content.

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