October 8, 2022

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The LLQP or Life Licence Qualification Program is a critical component of the Canadian licensing system for life insurance sales individuals. If you wish to legally and successfully be a part of the life insurance world, you need the right licensing by passing LLQP Manitoba.

LLQP Manitoba exam

This article will explain how current students can find all the LLQP Manitoba details and why our insurance courses are the best choice for passing your exams.

The Council for Insurance in Manitoba

For LLQP exams, the Insurance Council of Manitoba (ICM) acts as the authoritative body for insurance regulation in Manitoba. The ICM licenses and regulates insurance agents, brokers, and other independent adjusters.

Moving towards LLQP Manitoba license

The Council’s mandate is to ensure public interest and protect the Manitoba insurance products consumers by providing standards are adequately maintained and the rules followed.

All About the LLQP Manitoba Exams Process

Let’s shed some light on the ICM exams process so you can understand how the system works:

LLQP Registrant Requirements

To register for the LLQP Manitoba exams:

  • You must complete your pre-qualifying LLQP courses and exams before entering the provincial LLQP exam process with ICM.
  • Fill out the registration form online with ICM and choose what format you want, online or in-person.
  • A non-refundable fee of $110 is charged for the exams.
  • You must submit a photo ID with the registration form and bring that same ID on the examination day because your records must match.

As a registrant, note that you get only 12 months starting from the effective date to pass your LLQP exam modules. If you fail to complete the modules during that time, you have to re-certify.

LLQP Manitoba Exam Rules

The rules are standard and they do not offer leniency, so you must abide by them.

  • No contact devices and calculators are allowed; you will receive a non-programmable one before the exam. Only pencil cases are allowed inside the exam hall.
  • Candidates cannot take a manual, guide, or other additional information paper during examinations. Moreover, you are forbidden from taking any information from the exam outside.
  • Once the exam begins, it proceeds without recess.

LLQP Manitoba Exam Schedules

The exam schedule is updated and written at the ICM website and office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can get further information by visiting the site.

Cancellation of LLQP Manitoba Exams

Life is anything but certain. If you have booked your exam, it’s best that you know their cancellation policy. You are only allowed one cancellation if you cancel 24h ahead of your exam time. The fee can be reapplied to the next scheduled date. If you apply through Durham College, this cancellation policy does not apply.

Checking LLQP Exam Result

Results are posted online on the portal within ten days; however, they are not communicated by phone or email.

Passing LLQP Manitoba exam

LLQP Manitoba Summary

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