August 20, 2022

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PNC Learning will be launching more FP Canada CE courses soon! For those who are CFP or QAFP, you can now obtain your CE credits through PNC Learning. Learn more below.

FP Canada

FP Canada is a national body that certifies financial planners in all provinces except Quebec. While the Financial Planning industry is not regulated, those certified through FP Canada are guaranteed to have met a certain standard of knowledge and ethics and are therefore better positioned to succeed in their careers than those not.

You can become Qualified Associate Financial Planners (QAFP) or Certified Financial Planners (CFP) through FP Canada. More on FP Canada here.

FP Canada CE Courses

QAFP or CFP professionals must maintain a standard of professional competence and keep up with current industry knowledge through annual CE courses. CFP professionals must meet the annual CE requirement of 25 hours and two hours of Professional Responsibility.

On the other hand, QAFP professionals will need to take 13 hours of CE credits yearly, one CE hour of which must be on Professional Responsibility.

FP Canada CE Course Credit Breakdown

There are five CE credit categories available to QAFP and CFP professionals. These five categories ensure that these professionals have diverse knowledge on all topics critical to being a good financial planner.

Giving Back

CE courses under this category involve volunteering with community organizations, associations, and charitable groups. Activities may include pro bono teaching, community involvement, and developing education programs. The idea is to empower individuals and teach Canadians how they can enhance their lives through financial well-being.

CFP: maximum of five CE credits; no minimum credit; no carry-over to the following calendar year.

QAFP: maximum five CE credits combined with Product Knowledge and Practice Management courses; carry-over four credits.

Financial Planning

This type of CE relates to professional skill development and technical knowledge of the field. It can involve competency areas such as tax planning, investment planning, or critical thinking skills.

CFP: minimum of 10 CE credits; no maximum credits; carry-over as many as 25 credits.

QAFP: minimum of 7 CE credits; no maximum credits; carry over 12 credits.

Practice Management

Practice Management involves skills and knowledge we use to build professional relationships and practices. You can learn about sales and networking skills, business planning, and business development.

CFP: no minimum; maximum of five credits/year; carry-over is not permitted.

QAFP: no minimum restriction; maximum of five credits/year combined with Product Knowledge and Giving Back courses; and no carry-over.

Professional Responsibility

Courses are designed to facilitate your professional and ethical duties as a finance professional. You will encounter scenarios with ethical dilemmas and learn how to apply the Standards of Professional Responsibility.

CFP: minimum two credits; no maximum credit restriction; no carry-over.

QAFP: minimum one credit; no maximum credit restriction; no carry-over.

Product Knowledge

Courses under this section may highlight investment, insurance, and debt. After taking these courses, you can make better product recommendations based on your client’s situation.

CFP: no minimum; maximum five credits/year; no carry-over.

QAFP: no minimum; maximum five credits combined with Practice Management and Giving Back; no carry-over.

FE Canada CE Courses Summary

We offer CE courses to meet your FP Canada designation requirements. Check out our courses and enroll in our bundle today for the best deal!

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