June 25, 2022

In-depth knowledge of all property and casualty areas makes you a trusted insurance advisor. That’s why it’s necessary to have a proper education in all aspects of insurance. Get the best learning experience with PNC Learning’s CAIB 2 online course. Learn everything you need to know about commercial insurance to pass your exam.

CAIB Designation

CAIB is one of the best designations if you want to become an insurance agent or broker in Canada. It is recognized in many provinces, so you don’t need to transfer your license or retake exams. However, depending on your employer, they might want you to have a provincial license. Here is a flowchart to help you figure out which courses you need with us in case you need to fulfill your provincial requirements.

There are four levels of CAIB, ranging from CAIB 1 to CAIB 4. However, the focus will vary depending on which level you are trying to acquire. Learn more about CAIB Levels here.

Generally, most provinces have an equivalency program that allows you to transfer your CAIB levels to meet the provincial license requirement. So, if you need to meet the requirements for your province, ex, BC, you can use your CAIB levels without taking other non-CAIB courses.

CAIB 2 Online Course

Our CAIB 2 course helps you prepare for your CAIB 2 exam. In this course, you can expect an emphasis on commercial insurance. You’ll learn about basic commercial coverage, additional commercial endorsements, and special policies like Business Interruption. Sign up for a free trial here to learn more and see how we teach.

In most provinces, successful completion of CAIB 2 and 3 will award you your Level 2 license in your province. Level 2 enables you to sell insurance inside and outside your insurance agency. To find out about the equivalency, check our page here to find your locale and see your corresponding CAIB and provincial levels.

What separates us from others

Everyone who enrolls with us is assigned a personal tutor. You are never alone! We let you learn independently, but we’re always here when you need us.

You will get access to thousands of questions at your fingertip. Best of all, you can go through questions and practice exams multiple times during your exam prep. Never feel like you are lacking practice again!

We understand that many people may be skeptical about taking online courses. At PNC, we have a proven track record. Our students love us and have referred us to many of their colleagues and employers! Simply check our awesome student testimonials to see what others have said about us.

Lastly, you will have a Pass Guarantee. What does that mean? Even if you don’t pass your CAIB 2 on your first try, come back again. We’ll make sure that you achieve your goal.

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