June 18, 2022

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In an era where knowledge is easily accessible, becoming a licensed Life Insurance Agent has never been so easy. If completing your HLLQP Certification is on your mind, look no further. Whether you have prior experience in insurance or are a newcomer, you can quickly get your license online with PNC. Learn more below.

What is HLLQP?

HLLQP stands for harmonized Life License Qualification Program. This certification training program is for those interested in selling life insurance products. Anyone who wants to become a life insurance agent must take an HLLQP course and pass an exam before obtaining their certification.

What does a life insurance agent do?

Before you want to transition your career, it’s essential to know the scope of your job. A Life Insurance Agent sells insurance products from one company or multiple insurance carriers. As a representative of the insurance brokerage, you should expect to know everything about your product or policies that you are selling.

One important aspect is building connections and networks. Since Life Insurance Agents receive commissions, a percentage of the insurance policy they sell, more connections mean more clients. With the right connections, you can become a successful Life Agent.

How Do I Earn MY HLLQP Certification?

The certification process is relatively straightforward. The first part is enrolling with an approved LLQP course provider. Once you have successfully registered, you will need your CIPR number. CIPR stands for Canadian Insurance Participant Registry, which you can think of as your ID. You will need to take roughly four modules and prerequisites to ensure you are ready for the certification exam.

HLLQP course module exams cover four parts: Life Insurance, Accident & Sickness, Segregated Funds & Annuities, and Ethics and Professionalism. You will need to pass a total of 4 individual exams. Learn more about the exam questions here.

When you have completed your modules and passed each section’s exam with passing marks, your course provider will update your CIPR information to qualify you for your licensing exams.

Upon validating your CIPR information, you will have one full year to take your HLLPQ provincial exam. Remember to book and take your exam with your provincial regulator before your CIPR certification expires!

What makes us Stand out?

Our goal is to ensure that you have an easy time studying. We make sure that we deliver the content using simple language. Who likes reading complex concepts with an enormous amount of jargon? We don’t, and neither do you.

We also ensure that you have support while you’re studying from our course tutor. Study independently, but never alone.

Lastly, we ensure you get enough practice with our question sets. Get enough reps to get ready for your exams.

Need Help with Your HLLQP Certification Prep?

Completing your HLLQP Certification shouldn’t have to keep you up all night. Let PNC help you pass your HLLQP exam. Learn from the leading insurance education provider in the industry and study stress-free. Follow the link here to get started today.

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