June 4, 2022

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We understand that getting ready to take the Fundamentals of Insurance (FOI) exam can be challenging and confusing. Right now, you’re probably trying to look for a textbook to self-study or searching for a course. If you are looking for one (or both), you’ve come to the right place. At PNC, we have everything you need to help get you ready to take your exam. Learn more about what’s in the FOI course and what you’ll get out of your Fundamentals of Insurance textbook.

Fundamentals of Insurance

The FOI exam is the first of the three exams that will grant you your insurance license in BC, MB, SK, and the Atlantic provinces. As the name suggests, you will learn the fundamentals of insurance and what it takes to become an insurance broker.

Similarly, you can also take the CAIB 1 exam, which will allow you to obtain a Level 1 insurance license upon a successful pass. To learn more about the differences between the two, check out this article here.

FOI Course

At PNC, we offer the FOI course for students looking to obtain their Level 1 designation for the first time as well as re-takers. Regardless of whether you have prior experience in the insurance industry, our course caters to everyone interested in insurance.

Are you interested in what we have to offer but unsure if it’s what you want? We understand that you might be apprehensive about enrolling without knowing what you’ll receive. To explore and learn what the course is like, sign up for a free trial here.

FOI Textbook

A lot of you may be curious about the Fundamentals of Insurance textbook. Many learners alike, young or older, often dread reading the textbook. Huge, thick textbooks of many kinds can bring back unwanted memories of long, arduous nights of studying. To be honest, we don’t enjoy that either.

With PNC, we promise that you won’t have to go through that experience (again). In fact, our FOI textbook is only 32 pages long. We also have supplemental materials, including a glossary of key terms to help you learn everything you need to pass your exam.

One thing we really emphasize as an educational institution is making learning as straightforward as possible for our students. This means that we use ZERO jargon so that the materials aren’t convoluted. Also, the materials are laid out in a systematic way that makes sense.

Since PNC is dedicated to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, our textbooks are available to you through the course digitally. However, we understand that you may want to have a physical copy while you study. If you’d like a physical copy, simply contact us, and we’ll arrange something for you.

I’m ready to pass my Fundamentals of insurance exam!

Taking the first step is essential for earning your insurance license in BC. Our team at PNC strives to do our part to help your learning experience be the best it can be. If you have any questions, contact us for more details! Follow the link to our FOI course here.

Jacques Wong is the CEO and Director of Education at PNC Learning. An award-winning licensed insurance broker with over 15 years of experience in both education and the insurance industry, Jacques is recognized for his expertise and effective communication strategies. He achieved the highest provincial scores on his CAIB* 3 and CAIB* 4 exams and contributes to leading insurance publications. Jacques is dedicated to making insurance knowledge accessible for everyone through his unique approach and online content.

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