March 26, 2022

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One of the leading causes of stress students has is studying and getting through the huge CAIB 2 textbook. Studying for CAIB 2 exam doesn’t have to be complicated. Like many other students, those trying to pass their exams are working adults. At PNC, we understand your struggles with balancing work, personal, and studies. Let us show you how you can pass your CAIB 2 exam with our simplified course textbook.

CAIB 2 course

CAIB 2 course focuses on commercial property insurance and a bit on business interruption. If you want to check our course curriculum, head here. Even better, sign up for a FREE trial, no strings attached. See how we teach for yourself and get access to one sample lecture, quiz, notes, and exam tips.

However, if you are unsure whether you should take CAIB 2 or 3 first, we have written an article on that right here.

What about the CAIB 2 Textbook?

Compared to the regular chunky CAIB 2 textbook, our study guide is only 55 pages long! Since our goal is to help you with your career and licensing without wasting any time, it is concise, straightforward, and simple. Also, it is written with ZERO jargon. With our course textbook, you will be able to know everything you need to pass the exam. No fillers, no unnecessary info to study nor memorize.

Once you have enrolled in the course, you will be able to access the digital course textbook immediately. We recommend that you print it out and add your own notes as you follow along with the lectures. Students tend to have better exam results when they are actively listening, reading, and writing down notes as they study instead of passive studying. If you don’t have access to a printer, we can send a physical copy for a small postage fee – just contact us!

is everything downloadable?

Everything you can download is under the Downloads section. Downloadables include course notes, practice exams, a glossary of key terms, and additional practice questions.

Everything else in the course is embedded into the platform, which means it is not downloadable. But, you can still access the materials anytime, anywhere during the duration of your enrollment.

What if I can’t finish the course within the given time?

Most students need about 3 weeks to complete our course; some even finish within a day! However, remember that everyone studies at a different pace. After all, we are adults with varying commitments on an occupational or personal level.

So, no stress if you need more time. We offer extensions to all of our courses and bundles on a pro-rated monthly basis. Simply contact us to request an extension if you need more time. It’s that easy!

Want that simplified Textbook?

Head right over to our CAIB 2 course and get instant access to the textbook ASAP once you enroll. Sign up for a free trial and get $10 off!

Are you planning to get your Level 2 license? Why not get our Level 2 Licensing Package and save $100.

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