March 19, 2022

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Having the necessary knowledge and skills is essential for any experts working in their respective fields. Like any other regulated industry, the insurance industry also has its standards. Thus, the insurance industry has CAIB exams in place to ensure that everyone meets those standards. Upon successfully completing the CAIB exams, brokers will receive their CAIB Designation, which signifies their expertise in all aspects of property and casualty insurance.

What is CAIB?

CAIB stands for Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker, a program designed to equip brokers with everything they need to know to work successfully with a brokerage and clients. The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) created this nationally recognized program for brokers to uphold industry standards.

At PNC, we’ll teach you how you can become an expert in home, auto and business insurance, and brokerage management.

So, What do I need to do to get my caib designation?

If you want to obtain this professional designation, there are 4 exams that you must pass. These exams are CAIB 1, 2, 3, & 4. To help you pass your exams, we have developed 4 courses with everything you need to know.

CAIB 1 covers general insurance with an emphasis on personal lines. Topics covered in this course include personal liability, farming, personal auto, and habitational coverages.

Next, the CAIB 2 module highlights commercial property. Students can expect to learn about commercial insurance, business interruption, and crime insurance.

The third module, CAIB 3, focuses on commercial liability. CGL, auto, specialty insurance, and risks.

Lastly, CAIB 4 covers broker management. This module is designed especially for those looking to work in managerial positions in a brokerage.

Even if you don’t haven’t passed all of your CAIB exams, just partially completing the CAIB designation can help you gain or advance your general insurance license.

Will the requirements be the same across canada?

For the most part, yes! Most provinces and territories use CAIB exams to satisfy licensing requirements. CAIB 1 will satisfy the Level 1 license. For the Level 2 license, you will need CAIB 2 & 3. Lastly, CAIB 4 will satisfy the Level 3 license.

However, Alberta and Ontario exclusively have their own requirements.

Are the courses available online?

Absolutely! With PNC, you can expect to take your CAIB courses online no matter where you are. Our courses are self-paced so that you can study in your own time. There is no need to subject yourself to a rigid schedule or study in person.

Upon enrollment, you will have instant access to our course materials. This includes a downloadable exam prep textbook, online lectures, glossary of key terms, and 1000s of practice questions/mock exams!

What If I Need Help? I’m Not Good at Studying!

You are never alone. Study in peace knowing that you have an assigned course tutor. So, if you have questions, simply send a message via live chat, email, or call by phone.

At PNC, we believe that anyone can study and pass their CAIB exams. After all, we have helped thousands of students achieve their dream careers as insurance experts. Study knowing that our course is JARGON-free and straightforward.

How Can I Begin Studying for my caib designation?

New to the insurance industry? Head over here for CAIB 1.

Already have your CAIB 1? We have CAIB 2, CAIB 3, and CAIB 4 courses for you!

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