March 12, 2022

Insurance is an integral, invisible part of everyday life. Unforeseeable injury, cybersecurity breach, lawsuit, or even water damage can leave anyone and even businesses with tremendous financial losses. To mitigate these risks, we have insurance. No matter where you go, insurance always plays an important role. If you want to enter the insurance industry, now is a good time as ever. Learn how to get your career started with PNC Insurance Level 1 Course.

Insurance Level 1 Course

The first step is to take your Level 1 course. Depending on your location, you will need to take one or the other.

If you live in BC, MB, the Atlantic provinces (NS, PEI, NF), you will need to take the Fundamentals of Insurance /CAIB 1 course.

If you live in Alberta, you will need Alberta Level 1 course.

For those in Saskatchewan, you will need Saskatchewan Level 1 course.

If you are located in Ontario, you have two options. You can choose either RIBO 1 course or the OTL course. To figure out which to pick, read the next section below.

What is the Difference Between Fundamentals of Insurance VS. CAIB 1? RIBO VS. OTL?

The Fundamentals of Insurance covers the same material as CAIB 1. Both of these exams will allow you to obtain your Level 1 Insurance License. However, the major differences lie in the exam format. The Fundamentals of Insurance exam is comprised of 100 multiple-choice questions. Meanwhile, the CAIB 1 exam includes short answer questions. I suggest taking the Fundamentals of Insurance for those new to the industry. The questions will be less detailed and more straightforward.

Depending on the designation you want, you will choose either RIBO or OTL. If you want to become an Insurance Broker, you will have to go down the RIBO route. As a broker, you will represent and sell products from multiple insurers. If you want to become an Insurance Agent, you need an OTL license. As an agent, you work with 1 insurer.

What do I get with Insurance Level 1 Course?

Depending on the course you take, the downloadable textbook will vary in length. However, the similarity between these courses is that our note packages have ZERO jargon.

To accompany your notes, you will have access to online lectures with detailed examples and explanations. If you want, you can even listen to audio lectures on the go! If you can’t watch the lectures, why not listen? Take the course with you and study anywhere, anytime. The moment you enroll, you’ll get instant access.

Furthermore, the course includes a glossary of important key terms essential for each lecture. Learning complicated terms and concepts has never been easier.

The best part? Get access to ~1000 practice questions, chapter quizzes, and mock exams at your fingertips. After you finish each chapter, test yourself and get instant feedback. Get the reps you need to feel confident for your exam.

If you have questions, you have your personal course tutor. Study with peace of mind knowing that you have the support you need. You are only a message, phone call, or email away from help.

Ready to ace that Level 1 Insurance exam?

Whatever your goals are, we are here to support your learning. To enroll in the Fundamentals of Insurance/CAIB 1, click here. To sign for Alberta Level 1, click here. For RIBO/OTL, visit us right here. Lastly, for Saskatchewan Level 1, join us here.

Jacques Wong is the CEO and Director of Education at PNC Learning. An award-winning licensed insurance broker with over 15 years of experience in both education and the insurance industry, Jacques is recognized for his expertise and effective communication strategies. He achieved the highest provincial scores on his CAIB* 3 and CAIB* 4 exams and contributes to leading insurance publications. Jacques is dedicated to making insurance knowledge accessible for everyone through his unique approach and online content.

Jacques Wong

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