November 13, 2021

Insurance is a great career for anyone in Canada but in Manitoba, the industry is particularly strong. During the pandemic, insurance was an essential service and continued to operate in a strong way. Cars don’t drive, planes don’t fly, and businesses don’t operate without insurance. It is an integral part of the local and global economy. As a result, very few people were laid off and the brokerages we work with at PNC Learning continued to hire. If you want to work in this great and lucrative industry, you need to get your Manitoba insurance license.

Manitoba Insurance License Levels

Like most provinces, Manitoba uses a 3 level licensing system that have different educational requirements and abilities. Once you get licensed in Manitoba, you can register in other provinces as well with just some paperwork. No additional exams are required unless you want to register your license in Ontario or Quebec.

To transfer your license to Ontario, you need to take a RIBO Equivalency course.

Manitoba Insurance License Level 1

This is the first license you get if you want to work as an insurance broker in Manitoba. To get this license, you need to pass either the Fundamentals of Insurance exam or the CAIB 1 exam.

After you pass the exam, you would go out and look for an employer to sponsor your license and help you with your Insurance Council of Manitoba licensing application.

Level 2

After you get your Level 1 license, most people will at least continue to get their Level 2 license. The Level 2 license lets you work independently without supervision. That means you can work from home, alone in the office, or go to visit clients at their home or business. This level also allows you to help supervise Level 1 insurance brokers.

To get this license, you need to pass the CAIB 2 & CAIB 3 exams.

Level 3

The final level of license is the Level 3 license also known as the management license. Most people do not get this license as you only need 1 for each brokerage branch but most people will take the CAIB 4 exam required for this license anyways.

This license allows you to run or manage your own brokerage as the “Nominee”, “Principal Broker”, or “Managing Broker”. Every brokerage requires one Managing Broker whose role is to run the brokerage and supervise all the brokers under them.

PNC Learning’s Manitoba Insurance Licensing Exam Prep Courses

PNC Learning is Canada’s leading independent education provider of insurance exam prep courses and insurance continuing education courses for both life and general insurance brokers. This includes a full suite of courses for all of your Manitoba insurance licensing levels.

Level 1 Courses

Students can choose from 1 of 2 courses to get your Manitoba Level 1 license:

Level 2 Courses

To get your Level 2 license, you need to take both of these courses:

Level 3 Courses

Get your Level 3 license through the CAIB 4 Exam Prep Course.

I hope this gives you a good overview of the Manitoba insurance licensing process but if you need more information on the entire process, please look at our Canadian Insurance Licensing Guide.


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