October 16, 2021

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The LLQP course with PNC Learning costs $149 (applicable taxes included). But aside from the course of the training course, you also need to pay exam fees and then license registration fees to get your LLQP license. This article is to give you a full LLQP cost breakdown including helpful links to include more detailed information such as exam registration procedures and

LLQP Cost Breakdown

There are 3 main costs to getting your full LLQP license and they are:

  1. LLQP course fees ($149 from PNC Learning)
  2. Provincial exam fees (depends on province)
  3. Licensing fees (depends on province)

LLQP Exam Fees

Each province will have their own provincial exam procedures but there are 4 exam modules you need to pass:

  • Life Insurance
  • Accident & Sickness Insurance
  • Segregated Funds & Annuities
  • Ethics and Professional Practice (Common Law or Quebec Civil Code)

Once your course provider qualifies/certifies you, you can register with your provincial life insurance regulator to write the Harmonized Life License Qualification Program (HLLQP) exam modules.

Each province has their own unique LLQP provincial exam registration process and costs but we will outline some for the most popular provinces:

BC LLQP Exam Fees

According to the Insurance Council of BC (last updated January 4th, 2021), the LLQP exam fees to write all 4 modules on the same day is $145.

To register for individual exam modules or to rewrite a module, the fee is $55.

Alberta LLQP Exam Fees

The Alberta Insurance Council charges $100 to write all 4 modules. To register for individual exam modules, the fee is still $100 except for the Accident & Sickness exam module which is only $50.

There is also an additional $11 + GST per module/exam if you choose to write the exams online.

Ontario LLQP Exam Fees

In Ontario, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) handles the LLQP examinations through Durham College.

The LLQP exam fee in Ontario is $264 for all 4 modules. If you need to rewrite, they will charge a separate fee.

Manitoba LLQP Exam Fees

The Insurance Council of Manitoba (ICM) charges $110 to write the exams. Rewrites are also $110.

Saskatchewan LLQP Exam Fees

The Insurance Council of Saskatchewan (ICS) charges $100 to write the exam.

New Brunswick LLQP Exam Fees

The Financial and Consumer Services Commission of New Brunswick (FCNB) also uses Durham College to administer their LLQP exams. Fees for the online proctored exam is $66.

Nova Scotia LLQP Exam Fees

The Nova Scotia Finance & Treasury Board also uses Durham College. Exam fees are $66 also.

PEI LLEP Exam Fees

The PEI Department of Justice and Public Safety offers the provincial exam for $50.

LLQP Licensing Fees by Province

Fees vary depending on what province you are in. Also, your employer or sponsoring insurer will usually pay these costs.

BC LLQP Licensing Fees

According to the Insurance Council of BC fee schedule, licenses issued between June 1st – February 28th cost $225 ($200 application fee + $25 government fee) and those issued between March 1st – May 31st cost $250 ($200 application fee + $50 government fee).

If you are not approved for the license, the government fee will be refunded.

Alberta LLQP Licensing Fees

The Alberta Insurance Council charges $95 for new licenses and $25 for changes or reinstatements.

Ontario LLQP Licensing Fees

FSRAO charges $150 for a new license application and covers your first 2 years of licensing.

Manitoba LLQP Licensing Fees

ICM charges $150 to apply for your life insurance license.

Saskatchewan LLQP Licensing Fees

The ICS charges $100 for licensing

New Brunswick LLQP Licensing Fees

The Financial and Consumer Services Commission of New Brunswick charges $35 to license residents.

Nova Scotia LLQP Licensing Fees

NSFTB charges a $398.10 LLQP licensing fee for each 3 year period.

PEI LLQP Licensing Fees

PEI charges $200 payable to the Ministry of Finance Prince Edward Island for each licensing period of 2 years.

Concerned About LLQP Cost?

It can be expensive for some people to pay for course fees, exam fees, and licensing fees. However, in the bigger picture, it is a small price to pay to start a career where earning a comfortable six-figure income is not uncommon. Fortunately, there is a lot of great support in the industry from employers, the government, and PNC Learning.

Often times, to incentivize you, your employer will pay for and/or reimburse you for your LLQP course, exam, and licensing fees.

PNC Learning also offers a variety of financial assistance programs from scholarships, payment plans, to income tax credits that some PNC Learning courses qualify for as a Certified Educational Institution (ie. Canada Training Credit).

Contact us and our world-class customer service team would be happy to help!

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