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The Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) is a training program students must complete alongside passing the LLQP exam to sell life insurance products in Canada.

In this article, you will find information about LLQP exam prerequisites, course information, exam registration, and more.

Life License Qualification Program (LLQP)

The Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) is made up of 4 modules to teach the various insurance products/services you will be providing to clients. For each module, you will learn to:

  • Assess a client’s needs & situation
  • Analyze product features/benefits to meet the client’s needs
  • Implement a tailored insurance, investment, or income solution to meet your clients needs
  • Provide top notch customer service during the policy period
  • Legal aspects of insurance and annuity contracts

Life Insurance

This module provides the groundwork for understanding individual and group life insurance products and features and how to match them with a client’s needs. You will learn how to assess a client’s life insurance needs and recommend the right insurance product to address those needs. You will also learn different approaches to provide ongoing service and monitor changes to the life insurance contract.

Accident & Sickness Insurance

This module teaches you the fundamentals of individual and group accident and sickness (A&S) insurance products best suited to your clients’ needs. Again, you will learn how to analyze your client’s needs, the features/benefits of different A&S insurance products, and how to match your clients with specific products to address their needs.

Segregated Funds & Annuities

This section covers segregated funds, individual annuities and group pension plans most suited to your clients’ needs. You will learn how to assess the client’s investment and income needs and the features of various products. Once you know that, we will go over methods for analyzing those needs and matching it with the right investment or income product for them.

Ethics & Professional Practice

This module goes over the principles of ethical professional practice and the compliance/rules that govern life insurance. You will learn the legal aspects of insurance and annuity contracts including: rights and obligations of the parties, interpretation of rules/provisions, and the operation of individual or group insurance contracts among others.

LLQP Exam Prerequisites

Before you can write the LLQP exam, you need 3 things:

  1. Complete an LLQP course with an approved LLQP course provider.
  2. Register for a CIPR (Canadian Insurance Participant Registry) number
  3. Have valid confirmation of successfully completing the above mentioned course within the last 12 months.

We’ve published LLQP Exam Information elsewhere on our blog.

Harmonized LLQP Course

LLQP is sometimes also referred to as HLLQP or Harmonized LLQP. That is because a few years ago, regulators in Canada harmonized licensing requirements for life insurance agents in Canada.

To qualify for the provincial exam, you need to complete a course recognized by your provincial insurance regulator (ie. the Insurance Council of BC or the Alberta Insurance Council). This course can be online, in-class, full time, part time, or anything else. The format is completely up to the education provider and you.

LLQP Exam Registration

To register for the LLQP exam, you should contact your course provider and/or local provincial insurance regulator. In most cases, there will be an option to either write the exam in-person or online.

Each province or exam provider will have their own registration process, cancellation policy, fees, etc.

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