May 29, 2021

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Getting your insurance license in Ontario is a pretty simple process but there are 3 different types of insurance license you can get. There is the RIBO license, OTL license, and the LLQP license. The hard part is picking which license you want to get.

Licensing Options

There are 2 types of license:

  1. General Insurance – This license lets you sell all kinds of insurance products that are not life or health insurance products. That means you can sell: home, car, business, liability, and even travel insurance. There are many more types of general insurance that I cannot list here.
  2. Life Insurance – This license lets you sell life insurance and health insurance (accident & sickness or A&S) insurance products. You can also sell some financial products like annuities or segregated funds.
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RIBO Insurance License in Ontario

The RIBO license is the one you get if you want to become a general insurance broker. An insurance broker is someone who represents and can sell products for multiple insurance companies. With more products, you are more likely to find the best terms and pricing for your client and win that sale. For this reason, if you want to sell general insurance, the RIBO license is probably the best one for you.

To get this license, you first need to study and then pass the RIBO 1 (Entry Level) exam administered by RIBO.

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OTL Insurance License in Ontario

The OTL license is the one you get if you want to become a general insurance agent. It is the same as a broker except you can only represent and sell products for 1 insurance company.

To get this license, you first need to study and then pass the OTL exam administered by the Insurance Institute of Ontario.

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LLQP Insurance License in Ontario

This is the license you need if you want to become a life insurance agent or accident & sickness insurance (health insurance) agent in Ontario. There are 4 modules to this exam with some that you can skip if you only want the A&S license.

In order to get your LLQP license (life or A&S) you need to study with an approved course provider and then register for the harmonized LLQP (HLLQP) exam with your course provider.

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