May 8, 2021

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If you want to become a life insurance agent or an accident & sickness insurance agent in Canada, you’ll need to pass the 4 modules of the LLQP exam. This guide contains all of the LLQP exam information you need to be successful when you take your life insurance agent’s exam.

The LLQP Exams

The LLQP exam is actual made up of 4 modules that can be written at different times. They are:

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Accident & Sickness Insurance
  3. Segregated Funds & Annuities
  4. Ethics and Professional Practice (Common Law & Quebec version depending on province of practice)

You need to pass all 4 to become a fully fledged life insurance agent.

If you only need an A&S insurance agent license, then you only need to pass the A&S Insurance and Ethics and Professional Practice modules.

LLQP Exam Duration

A common question we get is: “How long are the LLQP exams?” Well, it depends:

Life Insurance90 minutes
A&S Insurance90 minutes
Segregated Funds90 minutes
Ethics & Professionalism60 minutes
LLQP Exam Durations

LLQP Exam Questions

How Many Questions Are On the LLQP Exams?

Life Insurance50 questions
A&S Insurance50 questions
Segregated Funds50 questions
Ethics & Professionalism30 questions
LLQP Exam Information – Number of Questions

Question Format

The exam is all multiple choice.

LLQP Exam Passing Grade

60% on each module. If you fail a module, you can simply retake that one. You have a maximum of 3 LLQP exam attempts.

Is The LLQP Exam Open Book?

Yes, the LLQP exam is open book so you don’t need to memorize everything. You will be able to refer to course material during your exam.

Exam Tip: Make sure you have studied the book well enough to know where everything can be found. This makes it fast and easy for you to locate the correct information.

LLQP Exam Schedule & Location

You write the LLQP exam modules online so you can write it anywhere you want – in the comfort of your own home or in the office.

LLQP Exam Weightings & Structure

Life Insurance Module, Accident & Sickness Module and Segregated Funds Modules
Needs Analysis35%
Selecting Appropriate Products (Advice)30%
Implementing Suitable Recommendations25%
Customer Service10%
Ethics & Professionalism Module
Legal Aspects of Insurance & Annuities60%
Rules Governing Life Insurance40%
Approximate LLQP Exam Structure

LLQP Exam Preparation

If you need help with our LLQP exam prep, PNC Learning recently released an online LLQP course created by subject matter expert Adam (Aizad) Ahmed.

About Adam (Lead LLQP Instructor)

Adam holds many professional designations including CS, IFIC, LLQP, PFP, CPH, and his Real Estate license. Following a career in finance, he followed his passion for education and taught life insurance (among other topics) at various colleges in Ontario.

About The LLQP Course

Created by Adam, our online LLQP exam prep course follows the same strategy that has made our general insurance courses so successful:

  • Taught in simple plain English with no unnecessary jargon
  • 24/7 support from dedicated staff and tutors
  • Pass guarantee
  • Easy online access from any device

If there’s ever anything you want to know about the LLQP exams, life insurance licensing, or just need help, contact us.

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